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Default The hamachi client does not connect only in 0.3-DL

Hello people, help me with this error!

Hamachi client does not connect to the server only in version 0.3-DL, the server for my friends appears that it is connected in SA-MP but only stays in the message "The server did not respond. Retrying ...".

We tested on the free hosting of to see if the error was on the client, but on they managed to connect to the server normally, only in hamachi that this error happens only in version 0.3-DL.

Warning: The error only happens in version 0.3-DL and I already tested with firewall on and off and the error continues, not if what to do! help me!

I thank you all.
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Default Re: The hamachi client does not connect only in 0.3-DL

make sure under server.cfg:

 lanmode 1
announce 1

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