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Default Only changing database object 1's material


So, When I go into game after saving the object materials / server restarts, it only sets the first object in the database material's to the one thats saved.

As you can see in the first screen shot I set the material of the bed to be red, but on restart it changes to white, this happens for all other objects but the first.

forward LoadBizzFurn(id);
public LoadBizzFurn(id)

	cache_get_data(rows, fields, g_iHandle);
	found = -1;
	found2 = -1;
	for (new i = 0; i < rows; i ++) if (i < MAX_HOUSE_OBJ)
	    BusinessInfo[id][boDBID][i] = cache_get_field_int(i, "ID");
		BusinessInfo[id][boID][i] = cache_get_field_int(i, "Model");
		BusinessInfo[id][boX][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "PosX");
		BusinessInfo[id][boY][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "PosY");
		BusinessInfo[id][boZ][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "PosZ");
		BusinessInfo[id][borX][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "AngX");
		BusinessInfo[id][borY][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "AngY");
		BusinessInfo[id][borZ][i] = cache_get_field_float(i, "AngZ");
		BusinessInfo[id][boInt][i] = cache_get_field_int(i, "Interior");
		BusinessInfo[id][bLocked][i] = cache_get_field_int(i, "Locked");
        BusinessInfo[id][bObject][i] = CreateDynamicObject(BusinessInfo[id][boID][i], BusinessInfo[id][boX][i], BusinessInfo[id][boY][i], BusinessInfo[id][boZ][i], BusinessInfo[id][borX][i], BusinessInfo[id][borY][i], BusinessInfo[id][borZ][i], BusinessInfo[id][VW], BusinessInfo[id][boInt][i], -1, 100);
        new toget[7];
		for(new v=0; v < 13; v++) {
			new res = cache_get_field_content_int(i, toget);
			BizMInfo[id][i][v] = res;
			if(res != 0) {
				ChangeDynamicObjectMaterial(BusinessInfo[i][bObject][i], v, res);
	if(found >= 0)
		format(string, sizeof(string), "%s furniture loaded successfully (Objects: %d)", BusinessInfo[id][Name], found+1);
	if(found2 >= 0)
		format(string, sizeof(string), "%s furniture materials loaded successfully (Materials Changed: %d)", BusinessInfo[id][Name], found2+1);

forward ChangeDynamicObjectMaterial(obj, idx, mat);
public ChangeDynamicObjectMaterial(obj, idx, mat)
	SetDynamicObjectMaterial(obj, idx, ObjectTextures[mat][TModel], ObjectTextures[mat][TXDName], ObjectTextures[mat][TextureName], 0);
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