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Default PVars Question(s)

I do not know if something like this is possible although I do doubt it, but thought it best to ask anyway & maybe also help any others searching the forum like I have with very similar question(s)


My question to start is:
Is it possible to put something like a textdraw into a PVar? Example of what I mean:

pawn Code:
static Text:textdraw[MAX_PLAYERS];

textdraw[playerid]=TextDrawCreate(0.0,0.0,"Text Draw Example");

The old way of doing things (Above Code) of course works just fine, but starting a fresh gamemode from scratch again which actually the main reason for this is to watch/save any memory I use unlike my last GM :P

So how would I turn something like the above code into the new PVar System, if possible even? Thanx for taking the time to read

EDIT: I should have posted this here from the start rather than making a new topic, but for those who search & come across this topic hoping for answers:

(It's possible to fit a Text Draw [And Many Others] into a PVar)
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