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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Local server not seen by other player - whereas ports forwarded and all

Originally Posted by Coicatak
I wrote "you re-read", I meant "you should re-read", forgot a word sorry.

I'll try to explai better:
I have 2 computers, with the first one, everything works good, so this proves the issue comes from my laptop (computer on which it doesn't work). So, when I'm on my laptop and lunch the server: if I enter in SAMP client it works find. But if I enter my internet IP (from here for example: I don't see my server online, whereas it is. So other players don't see it either...

I've tried disabling windows firewall and my antivirus, AVG. It failed...

I'm on windows 7

A screen of my livebox port forwarding:
It seems like you have the port 7777 on both servers. Since it is not possible to use one external port for two local ports, this may occur a conflict/error when trying to use the external ip. Try to use another port (for example 777 on the laptop or on the other computer.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Local server not seen by other player - whereas ports forwarded and all

Finally it works !! Thanks a lot all
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