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Default Re: Fixing MySQL log Error

Originally Posted by Kwarde View Post
You are trying to insert (or inserting -if all columns may be NULL (thus NOT NULL not used)) a new row instead of updating the data of a row.

Also may I suggest you to store the IP as an integer?
    Last_IP_Address INT UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL, -- DEFAULT NULL so it doesn't need to be specified in the CREATE query
) ENGINE = InnoDB;
Storing an IP:
pawn Code:
format(..., "UPDATE users SET Last_IP_Address = INET_ATON('%s') WHERE Name = '%s'", PlayerInfo[playerid][Last_IP_Address], GetName(playerid));
//or in insert ofc
format(..., "INSERT INTO users (..., IP_Address) VALUES (..., INET_ATON('%s') WHERE Name = '%s'", PlayerInfo[playerid][Last_IP_Address], GetName(playerid));
Fetching the IP:
pawn Code:
format(..., "SELECT INET_NTOA(IP_Address) AS IP_Address FROM users WHERE Name = '%s'", GetName(playerid));
new Cache:result = mysql_query(handle, query), ip[16];
cache_get_value_name(0, "IP_Address", ip);
INET_ATON changes an IP to an integer (ATON => Address To Number)
INET_NTOA changes an integer back to an IP (NTOA => Number To Address)
Column needs to be an INT UNSIGNED (some IP addressed otherwise would fall out of range).

I used "AS IP_Address" to make the result (cache) return it as IP_Address. Otherwise you would literally have to use "INET_NTOA(IP_Address)" in cache_get_value_name().
If you would want to select all data from a table you'd best approach it as:
SELECT *, INET_NTOA(Last_IP_Address) AS Last_IP_Address_Readable FROM users WHERE Name = 'someName';
Otherwise you'd have to write down all columns manually. This would return the IP (the readable ony) as Last_IP_Address_Readable. This method is faster and more efficient (and using less space) than storing whole strings.


Overlooked this. I never said it was a mistake (it is not at all). Just merely stating the fact it is not needed persay (some people don't seem to know this). Perhaps it's a personal thing but I don't like typing things if they're not needed.
To me, that's like doing:
pawn Code:
new bool:someBool = !!true;
new someInteger = ~~5;
It does exactly the same as (below) but it just has some extra unneeded characters.
pawn Code:
new bool:someBool = true;
new someInteger = 5;
Thank you very much I did like you instructed and it is storing the IP but it seems to be the wrong IP (, Not my IP but I'm wondering if it's because it's a localhost. But thank you rep+ for you all.
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