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Default Y_INI reading (INI_LOAD) issue.

If anyone got this problem before, please tell me how to resolve. INI_Load is simply not processing:
pawn Code:
// ==================== TOP ===============================
#define PLAYER "system/%s.ini"
new playerfile[256];
// ===================== Command and reading structure =================
    format(playerfile,sizeof(playerfile),PLAYER,GetMyName(playerid)) && printf("PLAYERFILE: %s | playerfile: %s",PLAYER,playerfile);
    print("the CMD:status has been processed . . . ");
    return 1;
INI:playerfile[](playerid, name[], value[])
   printf("%s has been loaded",playerfile);
   INI_String("Name", PlayerInfo[playerid], Name);
   INI_Int("Cash", PlayerInfo[playerid][Cash]);
   return 0;

I've also put the printf on the reading for check if that's processing. And printf isn't showing, means it's not processing. It's really weird. I've asked for ****** about the INI_String problem and I resolved myself, now. Even though, INI_Load isn't workin'. Hope can help me. It looks like a bug.

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