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Big Clucker
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Default onplayerenterdynamicarea

PHP Code:
public OnPlayerEnterDynamicArea(playeridareaid)
   for (new 
isizeof captureZonei++)
        if (
areaid == captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_CP])

            if (
                if ((
GetPlayerTeam(playerid) >= && GetPlayerTeam(playerid) < sizeof TEAM) && TEAM[GetPlayerTeam(playerid)][E_TEAM_VALID] && GetPlayerTeam(playerid) != captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_OWNER]) // here the team ids play its role, we check the index is valid - The second part is if whether the player isn't of team that zone owner is
captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_ATTACKER] = playerid;
captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_COUNTDOWN] = 0;
captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_TIMER] = SetTimerEx("OnCaptureZoneUpdate"1000true"i"i);

GangZoneFlashForAll(captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_GANGZONE], ALPHA(TEAM[GetPlayerTeam(playerid)][E_TEAM_COLOR], 100));

SendClientMessage(playeridCOLOR_GREEN"Stay in the area to for "#CAPTURE_TIME" seconds to capture the zone.");

                else return 
            else if (
GetPlayerTeam(playerid) == GetPlayerTeam(captureZone[i][E_CAPTURE_ZONE_ATTACKER]))




i want when someone enter the area and stays in it for +10seconds it will start caputring
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Default Re: onplayerenterdynamicarea

And how are we supposed to know what's wrong with this pile of code?

Basically all you do here is drop your code, saying you want something without explaining what's wrong whatsoever. How are we supposed to help you like that?

Also, I don't think the callback you use would be the best method for this really.
I basically use this to check whether a player is inside an area:

pawn Code:
Terrect[TerritoryID] = CreateDynamicRectangle(MinX, MinY, MaxX, MaxY);

if(!IsPlayerInDynamicArea(playerid, Terrect[TerritoryID]))
     return SendSplitMessage(playerid, GREY, "ERROR: You have to be inside your base territory to access this menu.");
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: onplayerenterdynamicarea

Originally Posted by makemoneynotfriends View Post
i want when someone enter the area and stays in it for +10seconds it will start caputring

Originally Posted by jasperschellekens View Post
use a timer

calling a function every second in which a variable gets increased.
When its value reaches 10, reset its value to 0 and start capturing.
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