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Huge Clucker
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Default Variable saving


I found this perfect system for accounts in SA:MP by pBlueG. Since I am total newbie in MySQL, I tried to read the code and understand, how it is crafted and why certain functions behave how they do, when I implemented the script into my localhost, it worked great, but when I tried to add new variables, it didnt work as I would expect.

To all the existing ones, I wanted to add a variable for admin permissions called "Level", so I used variable "Interior" as an example, so I did following changes:

Added it into the variable enumerator:
	Float: X_Pos,
	Float: Y_Pos,
	Float: Z_Pos,
	Float: A_Pos,
Then into the assigning function:
	cache_get_value_int(0, "id", Player[playerid][ID]);
	cache_get_value_int(0, "kills", Player[playerid][Kills]);
	cache_get_value_int(0, "deaths", Player[playerid][Deaths]);
	cache_get_value_float(0, "x", Player[playerid][X_Pos]);
	cache_get_value_float(0, "y", Player[playerid][Y_Pos]);
	cache_get_value_float(0, "z", Player[playerid][Z_Pos]);
	cache_get_value_float(0, "angle", Player[playerid][A_Pos]);
	cache_get_value_int(0, "interior", Player[playerid][Interior]);
	cache_get_value_int(0, "level", Player[playerid][Level]);
	return 1;
Next step was to save it, when player disconnects. In the script, there is function UpdatePlayerData being executed when players quits the game, so I added it there like this:
UpdatePlayerData(playerid, reason)
	if (Player[playerid][IsLoggedIn] == false) return 0;
	if (reason == 1)
		GetPlayerPos(playerid, Player[playerid][X_Pos], Player[playerid][Y_Pos], Player[playerid][Z_Pos]);
		GetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, Player[playerid][A_Pos]);
	new query[145];
	mysql_format(g_SQL, query, sizeof query, "UPDATE `players` SET `x` = %f, `y` = %f, `z` = %f, `angle` = %f, `interior` = %d, `level` = %d WHERE `id` = %d LIMIT 1", Player[playerid][X_Pos], Player[playerid][Y_Pos], Player[playerid][Z_Pos], Player[playerid][A_Pos], GetPlayerInterior(playerid), Player[playerid][Level], Player[playerid][ID]);
	mysql_tquery(g_SQL, query);
	return 1;
In the script, there is a function that creates a table in database, if it is not existing. Since I will be adding variables even after the table will be created, I did not add it in there, i kept it native:
	mysql_tquery(g_SQL, "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `players` (`id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,`username` varchar(24) NOT NULL,`password` char(64) NOT NULL,`salt` char(16) NOT NULL,`kills` mediumint(8) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`deaths` mediumint(8) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`x` float NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`y` float NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`z` float NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`angle` float NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',`interior` tinyint(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', PRIMARY KEY (`id`), UNIQUE KEY `username` (`username`))");
	return 1;
What I did instead, was that I created a table by hand in the Phpmyadmin interface, i setted it to the same settings as interior variable, so it looked like this:

The problem however was, or well is, that after I registered a account, setted the variable level (ingame) to 5 and quit the game, the variable did not save to the database. Is there any way, this could be fixed? For any adivces I am going to be more, than thankful.
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Default Re: Variable saving

First of all, check mysql logs.

Is the 0 shown in the picture a default value? If it is, the register part is alright. You will also need to increase the size of `query` variable in `UpdatePlayerData` function which is likely the problem because you added more text.

But since you are new, update database when something does not change very frequently the moment you set a new value. What I mean is when you promote/demote a player, assign to `Player[target_id_here][Level]` and also update the level in database so you will not have to update everything on disconnect even when they never changed. Remove LIMIT 1 from the UPDATE query too because it is not needed.
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Old 01/04/2020, 12:46 PM   #3
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Variable saving

Where can I find those logs?

Yes, on the picture is default value, however in the tree (where I see all of them), the value is real-time.

When it comes to the size of the variable, it did not help. The actual size right now after I added the Level variable is 118.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Variable saving

The logs would be in the log-core folder in your server folder, you have warning and error logs
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