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Little Clucker
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Default Pickups.

Can anyone help me? How can I make 4 pickups health for the players and they can use them with money and if their money is less than $1200, the server will not allow them to use this pickup.
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Pickups.

Under OnPlayerPickUpPickup where the pickupid is the one of the health ones:
new playermoney = GetPlayerMoney(playerid);
if(playermoney < 1200)
   //do what you want
   return 0;
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Beta Tester
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Default Re: Pickups.

new healthpickups[4];
In OnGameModeInit (change the x, y, z):
healthpickups[0] = CreatePickup(1240, 1, x, y, z);
healthpickups[1] = CreatePickup(1240, 1, x, y, z);
healthpickups[2] = CreatePickup(1240, 1, x, y, z);
healthpickups[3] = CreatePickup(1240, 1, x, y, z);
In OnPlayerPickUpPickup:
for (new p = 0; p < sizeof(healthpickups); p++)
    if (healthpickups[p] != pickupid) continue;
    if (GetPlayerMoney(playerid) >= 1200)
        new Float:health;
        GetPlayerHealth(playerid, health);
        if (health < 100.0)
            GivePlayerMoney(playerid, -1200);
            SetPlayerHealth(playerid, 100.0);
    return 1;
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