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Huge Clucker
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Default one command give me errors

PHP Code:
        if ( 
IsPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, )
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\gangwars.pwn(6405) : error 017: undefined symbol "IsPlayerAttachedObject"
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\gangwars.pwn(6407) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero
C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\gangwars.pwn(6407) : error 035: argument type mismatch (argument 2)
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Default Re: one command give me errors

IsPlayerAttachedObject isn't a default sa-mp function. The error is because you have no defined it anywhere. I think you where needing SetPlayerAttachedObject. The other error is because you have a comma but you have no value after it. Look at the wiki page for RemovePlayerAttachedObject
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Default Re: one command give me errors

You don't need IsPlayerAttachedObject.

Just you have to know the index where you attached the object before.

pawn Code:
if(strcmp(cmd, "/holdoff",true)==0)
        if ( IsPlayerAttachedObject(playerid, )
pawn Code:
if(strcmp(cmd, "/holdoff",true)==0)
            return true;

RemovePlayerAttachedObject(playerid, <index>);
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Default Re: one command give me errors

if(strcmp(cmd, "/holdoff",true)==0)
    return 1;
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