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Default mysql problem

PHP Code:
[13:31:24 07/14/17] [ERRORCMySQLQuery::Execute - (error #1054) Unknown column 'pack1_name' in 'field list' (Query: "UPDATE `user_weapon_pack1` SET `pack1_name` = '', `fist` = '', `melee` = '', `unique` = '', `grenade` = '', `secondary` = '', `shotgun` = '', `sub-machine` = '', `primary` = '', `sniper` = '', `missile` = '', `spray` = '' WHERE `id` = 4") 
PHP Code:
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"UPDATE `user_weapon_pack1` SET "); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`pack1_name` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Name]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`fist` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Hand]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`melee` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Melee]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`unique` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Unique]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`grenade` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Grenade]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`secondary` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Secondary]); strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`shotgun` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Shotgun]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`sub-machine` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1SubMachine]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`primary` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Primary]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`sniper` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Sniper]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`missile` = '%s', "DB[playerid][Pack1Missile]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"`spray` = '%s' "DB[playerid][Pack1Spray]);strcat(storequery);
mysql_format(sqlquerysizeof query"WHERE `id` = %d"DB[playerid][ID]); strcat(storequery);
result mysql_query(sqlstore);
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: mysql problem

Make sure column names are true.
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: mysql problem

Originally Posted by Freedom. View Post
Make sure column names are true.
Yep, The errors shows that there is a problem with the column names.
So check it again.
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