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Angry Re: error 19 help

OP, keep me updated.

Originally Posted by GaMiX View Post
ey man , he asked which includes to update, i answered him , i didn't tell him to update them just explaining ..
You don't even know WHAT include needs to be updated though, you threw out a random guess, and end up trying to avoid this point...

Stop throwing out random guesses WHEN YOU DON'T EVEN ASK ABOUT THE CODE OR THE LOG...

If someone says "XXX isn't working" and people instantly come in throwing out 'update XXX' and 'Add XXX' without even asking for a single fucking thing in information, they should be fucking banned, as it's getting beyond a joke...

10 fucking posts, NO-ONE asks for the basics......

Come on..... If you're going to do this, do it properly. Telling people to make changes without checking what they've got, is a simple way of BREAKING someones script and making it harder to get someone to do something that's already been led up the garden path.

Seriously, stop back pedalling.
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