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Default [Help] MySQL Update

Hello, I am in need of a help so I'll get right to it. Well I started doing a Register&Login system for my gamemode from scratch and I INSERT password and all of the other variables once the player enters the password on the first dialog, I hash the password but leave other variables with 0 like death, score,age, etc.. So when a player enters his age I want to UPDATE the variable I inserted, everything goes well in the logs and things but my where id = %d is always 0.

cache_get_value_int(0, "ID", pInfo[playerid][ID]);
pInfo[playerid][Age] = strval(inputtext);
new DB_Query[256];
mysql_format(Database, DB_Query, sizeof(DB_Query), "UPDATE `PLAYERS` SET `AGE` = %d WHERE `ID` = %d LIMIT 1",pInfo[playerid][Age], pInfo[playerid][ID]);
mysql_tquery(Database, DB_Query);
And the following is the mysql log:

[11:19:58] [DEBUG] mysql_format(1, 0x04908840, 256, "UPDATE `PLAYERS` SET `AGE` = %d WHERE `ID` = %d LIMIT 1")
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] mysql_format: return value: '54'
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] mysql_tquery(1, "UPDATE `PLAYERS` SET `AGE` = 23 WHERE `ID` = 0 LIMIT 1", "", "")
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] CCallback::Create(amx=0x1e3a610, name='', format='', params=0x490882c, param_offset=5)
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] CHandle::Execute(this=0x75a650, type=1, query=0x783bc8)
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] CHandle::Execute - return value: true
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] mysql_tquery: return value: '1'
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] CConnection::Execute(query=0x783bc8, this=0x25d0020, connection=0x764278)
[11:19:58] [DEBUG] CQuery::Execute(this=0x783bc8, connection=0x764278)
[11:19:58] [INFO] query "UPDATE `PLAYERS` SET `AGE` = 23 WHERE `ID` = 0 LIMIT 1" successfully executed within 0.375 milliseconds
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Default Re: [Help] MySQL Update

You call `cache_get_value_int` function but do you execute a SELECT query before?

When a player registers, send an INSERT query and specify a callback in `mysql_tquery`. Retrieve generated value using `cache_insert_id` function and store in `pInfo[playerid][ID]`. You have to set `ID` as auto increment column by the way.
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