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Big Clucker
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Default Formatting in dialog.

All screenshots taken at the same. We ruled out different resolutions being the issue and the version of 0.3.7 we were using. The user Naldo is the only one where the dialogs display exactly the way they should.


	new string[400],Dodo1[40],Cargo1[40],Heli1[40],Big1[40],Army1[40],Shamal1[40],Skimmer1[40],Van1[40];
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Dodo] > 499) strmid(Dodo1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
		else strmid(Dodo1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Cargo] > 499) strmid(Cargo1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Cargo1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Helicopter] > 499) strmid(Heli1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Heli1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][AT300] > 499) strmid(Big1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
		else strmid(Big1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Miltary] > 499) strmid(Army1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Army1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Shamal] > 499) strmid(Shamal1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Shamal1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
 	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Skimmer] > 499) strmid(Skimmer1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Skimmer1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Van] > 499) strmid(Van1,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(Skimmer1,"{FF0000}Not completed",0,30,30);
	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, LICENSES,DIALOG_STYLE_LIST,"Achievements",string,"Ok","");
	return 1;
	new string[300],dodostring[40],shamalstring[40],maverickstring[50],nevadastring[40];
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][dLicense] == 1) strmid(dodostring,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(dodostring,"{FF0000}Not Completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][sLicense] == 1) strmid(shamalstring,"{00FF00}Completed",0,20,20);
	    else strmid(shamalstring,"{FF0000}Not Completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][mLicense] == 1) strmid(maverickstring,"{00FF00}Completed",0,25,25);
		else strmid(maverickstring,"{FF0000}Not Completed",0,30,30);
	if(PlayerInfo[playerid][nLicense] == 1) strmid(nevadastring,"{00FF00}Completed",0,25,25);
		else strmid(nevadastring,"{FF0000}Not Completed",0,30,30);
	format(string,sizeof(string),"Dodo License\t\t%s\nShamal License\t\t%s\nMaverick License\t%s\nNevada License\t\t%s",dodostring,shamalstring,maverickstring,nevadastring);
	ShowPlayerDialog(playerid, LICENSES,DIALOG_STYLE_LIST,"Your Licenses",string,"Ok","");
	return 1;
Basically need to make sure these dialogs all display like naldos.

Version: 0.3.7-R2

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Old 04/12/2019, 05:23 AM   #2
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Formatting in dialog.

Test that:
PHP Code:
if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Dodo] > 499Dodo1="{00FF00}Completed";
Dodo1="{FF0000}Not completed"
If it works, change all of them to this type
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Default Re: Formatting in dialog.

DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST does what you need.

But why `strmid` and not `strcat`?
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Old 04/12/2019, 11:57 AM   #4
Big Clucker
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Default Re: Formatting in dialog.

As Calisthenics pointed out, you could check out DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST.

I would also suggest you rewrite your code to improve its readability and make it easier to work on for others. You can also get rid of unnecessary variables and function calls (strmid).

Here's an example of how you could format the info[] parameter of the dialog:

new confirmed[] = "{199e05}Confirmed";
new notConfirmed[] = "{c40024}Not confirmed";

new info[420];
format(info, sizeof(info), 
	"Dodo license: \t\t%s\n\
	Shamal license: \t\t%s\n\
	Maverick license: \t\t%s\n\
	Nevada license: \t\t%s\n",
	PlayerInfo[playerid][dLicense] ? confirmed : notConfirmed,
	PlayerInfo[playerid][sLicense] ? confirmed : notConfirmed,
	PlayerInfo[playerid][mLicense] ? confirmed : notConfirmed,
	PlayerInfo[playerid][nLicense] ? confirmed : notConfirmed
I haven't tested the code above! It's only there to serve as an example of a way to better structure your code.
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