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Default Re: Personality Type

Holy shit he's right
Originally Posted by Andy
My anti cheat is still relevant *puts shades on*

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Default Re: Personality Type

It seems that you missed my actual point but whatever.

A new Heavy Roleplay server.

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Default Re: Personality Type

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Default Re: Personality Type

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Default Re: Personality Type


Sounds about right. I sometimes feel down in the dumps but I never dwell on it and always find ways to take my mind off things. I hate being out of touch with reality. I find it hard to binge watch stuff like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings simply because it's away from reality. I have to watch more modern and realistic things on TV such as sport or reality stuff.
I like playing games like Fallout but not TES. Go figure...

I'm not an introvert, I just like to keep to myself sometimes. I get bored if I've not socialised in some time and my endgame is working for a nice house, cars and a family. I enjoyed working in construction with my foul mouthed father-in-law and don't enjoy working an office job at all.
I also enjoy taboo subjects, like taking recreational drugs. Not due to any personal issues, I just like them.

It sure is saddening to know we'll only be around for a tiny fraction of our planet's tenure but you've got to make the most of it. I'd like to see us co-existing with robots or having multi-storey highway systems and vertical hovercraft intersections which would be cool but you get what you're given. Half of me thinks technological advancements and skyscrapers are amazing but the other half wishes we never advanced past small tribes where we lived simply among each other and had to work for our own food and survival. I will always see myself as working class and for the people, regardless of whether I become filthy rich or end up living in a bin. Happiness =/= materialism.

I also don't mean to poke my stick at anyone by saying this but I think a lot of depression is from social stigma and self-diagnosis. I get it seems impossible for people to not feel like that but without a hobby or anything to take your mind off stuff, you'll be in a dark place for a long time.
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Default Re: Personality Type

Universal Roleplay
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Default Re: Personality Type

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Default Re: Personality Type

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Default Re: Personality Type

Virtuoso ISTP-A, hmm..
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