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Big Clucker
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Default WIFI Problem

So, since some time I'm totally unable to use the WIFI in my backyard as before. The signal is excellent, but after little while I'm loosing the access and I'm supposed to reconnect, and the shit happens every minute or even less. Only on my laptop.
Any ideas?
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Default Re: WIFI Problem

Ask your ISP about that bud. i think your WiFI signals are cashing with some other signals near by. still ask your ISP to check the line once.

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Default Re: WIFI Problem

If it's Wifi b/g/n it won't have anything to do with your ISP. Fully internal network problem. Adjust where you put the router, work on getting a repeater, select a better channel for the wifi.
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Default Re: WIFI Problem

Use a Wifi analyzer to check if there are other wifi signals nearby on the same channel as yours, that can interrupt the signal or make it worse.. You can always change the channel that your wifi operates on. Try a channel that isn't used that much (or not at all)

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