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Old 19/05/2015, 05:11 PM   #1
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Default OnPlayerEditObject() - Update rate

There has been an issue with this for quite some time that only really shows up when you are using this feature to edit groups of other objects like in Texture Studio.

The issue is when you do any movement the EDIT_RESPONSE_UPDATE does not do a final update once you stop editing an object. So at this point if you click save the results of EDIT_RESPONSE_FINAL will be different than the last update of EDIT_RESPONSE_UPDATE when they should not be.

When an edit is done to an object OnPlayerEditObject() should do an additional EDIT_RESPONSE_UPDATE to indicate the correct position.
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Default Re: OnPlayerEditObject() - Update rate

It's really weird and should be fixed. I note that when edit some object, I have to move it a little forward and then back again to have the right position, annoying as hell.
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Default Re: OnPlayerEditObject() - Update rate

Yes, please fix.
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