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Old 19/07/2015, 09:29 PM   #11
Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

The decision and difficult, but you do what you think is better , good luck on your journey dear friend

@ Thanks for everything.
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

That is good to hear Pottus, I am happy for you,
just ensure you partake in jobs/activities that interest you so you dont get back to samp,
Many forum members will miss you and your skills so many may say for you to stay however
the choice you made is the correct answer if you feel that samp is taking a big bite out of your life.

The things you posted on the forum are important to us other samp members,
so dont feel like you have wasted your time,
you made a server with which you entertained people,
people relied on you and admired you.

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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

Thank you for being a part of the SA-MP Community for many years.

You've probably helped hundreds of people that you're unaware of and you should be proud of that.

SA-MP has been a big part of you life and unfortunately the time is right to move on. You've gained experience with scripting and coding where you can now apply it to your real life experience for your career.

Good luck with the future, whatever it may hold for you.

As a page closes within your book, another one is just opening.

don't cry - much cry

- Kyle
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Old 19/07/2015, 09:43 PM   #14
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

I really liked you and your work, you have supported sa-mp all the way long and we all do appreciate that.
I am pretty much certain that it's such loss to the community, but do what you think is right considering your quality values. And at this case I do agree with you that you did the right thing; sometimes we should just drop out and try other things.. Maybe learn a new programming language? Get internships/jobs/courses who knows?
Ohh I wanted to ask what programming languages you know? And how old are you? Thanks for everything you did to support the community and us as a whole!

A reputation for this reply and for being kind?
******: "That code compiles perfectly, but I can tell you now it won't make me a cup of tea."

******: "I've said this before. People think that MySQL is some simple plug-and-play magic bullet that you can use to just make your mode instantly better. They don't realise that the "L" in "SQL" means "language". So instead of programming PAWN, and using a bit of this mystery thing, you are now programming in two languages at once. If you spend months learning PAWN, you should spend the same time learning SQL, if not more - it is probably the more complex of the two languages, and not something that just gets bolted on to the side."
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Old 19/07/2015, 09:50 PM   #15
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

Originally Posted by Pottus View Post
I have absolutely no motivation to do much of anything but smoke weed, script and mess around.
That time already lies behind me, and it was great. After all things didnt change a lot, I just slowly lost interest for samp and found other ways to waste my stoned time. But a clear cut with samp? Nope, that wouldnt work for me. Id say dont blame samp, but get your ass off the chair once every while when you feel youre wasting too much time with it. But people are different, and maybe this simply wouldnt solve it for you.

It sucks to see one more of the good guys leave. Even though samp will probably continue as always, this forum will get a bit more lame. Sure, interesting people come and go, but Im getting too old for that shit, I dont wanna get used to the "new good guys" again and again.

Whatever, thats not your problem (anymore). So good luck with whatever your future may bring. Hope you come by at least from time to time.
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Old 19/07/2015, 09:56 PM   #16
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

You'll be back.


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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

Good riddance. Thanks for everything, SA:MP was really headed a new way with your ColAndreas plugin.
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Old 19/07/2015, 09:59 PM   #18
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

Originally Posted by Virtual1ty View Post
Good riddance. Thanks for everything, SA:MP was really headed a new way with your ColAndreas plugin.

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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

samp is not the one to blame, people can control their actions if they want to, to be honest taking drugs was your desire and action you could have prevented it but you didn't.

Goodbye, Pottus and thank you for your contributions to the community.

Taking my time on focusing on Education and learning how to draw.

Originally Posted by KevinExec View Post
I don't know shit, you're an expert, telling me what to do and how noobish I am, do you think I get you?

P.S.: I offer .ini scripting services.

- Quoted by not other than KevinExec, the "master" of PAWN language
Originally Posted by iMTube™ View Post
don't act OP coz u will never be Op
Rest in Pieces iMTube™, you won't be missed coz you are Op
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Leaving SA-MP

Good luck with your life!
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