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Default Remove Vending Machines

Hi all, since in 0.3d we can remove vending machines, I realised that alot of people, especially DM owners (who dont weant players refilling their health) will do this, so since I was bored, I've made a filterscript removing the vending machines from Los Santos and the Countryside, San Fierro, or Las Venturas, or the whole lot. No pics, but surely you dont need them?
I'm almost 100% sure i've not missed any, but please tell me ASAP if i have.

Notice: Removing the vending machines from one 24/7 store or club will result in the all being removed, as all the clubs and stores have 1 or two interiors, not one for each store.

Here are the downloads if you want 'em.
Remove from:
Los Santos and Countryside
San Fierro
Las Venturas
All of San Andreas

EDIT: Pastebin link here.

Remove Vending Machines

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