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Big Clucker
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Porque é que este tópico ainda está aberto? A versão 0.3x já foi lançada.

Originally Posted by sofina View Post
E que venha completa sem BUG'S chessus!
Originally Posted by ******
SA:MP is beta software written by a small team in their spare time, thus it has bugs (as does all software). Some of these have been known for a long time but are low priority due to their minor effects, others go undiscovered for a long time. Many of these bugs have solutions which can be implemented in PAWN (and this may be simpler than implementing them in the SA:MP source code).

Originally Posted by ******
Don't forget that SA:MP is only at version 0.3 - it isn't 1.0 so you can't assume a stable API.

Muitas das sugestões podem ser scriptadas em PAWN, não há necessidade de serem adicionadas ao SA-MP.

Originally Posted by ******
I'll give you a hint (which generally applies to all requests). If you can script it already, it probably won't be added (especially if there's a version already released publicly, because then there is ZERO cost to you using it and NOT ZERO cost to it being redone in the server). If you want to request things, bear this in mind and stick to requesting things you can't already do - they won't be just ignored out of hand.

Quanto a sugestões que não podem ser scriptadas:

Originally Posted by costel_nistor96
Those ideas are really usefull and can't be scripted. Why Kalcor don't make them ?
Originally Posted by ******
That I can't answer, although again I suspect it has to do with the severe lack of devs.

provavelmente é a melhor explicação neste momento, a não ser que exista algum comentário do Kalcor a explicar a situação. Também é possível saber se alguém criar um tópico ou lhe mandar um PM a perguntar.
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Default Respuesta: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Acredito que não cabe a você decidir isto, quem decide aqui é a moderação. Ninguém mais.
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