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Default Los Santos Gang Wars - V1.1 [Updated + Re-Uploaded]

Los Santos Gang Wars
Note: It Was My First Gamemode , i've found it in my Old Laptop.


-Registration/Login System
-4 Playable Teams
-Administration System
-Some Teleport Commands
-User stats
-Some User/Admin Commands
-Gang Zones for every Team
-Interiors Like Ammunation/Cluckin Bell Can Be Used For Refill/Buy Weapons
-Every Team spawn With Their Own Weapon
-War Zone


Grove Street
-Location: Ganton
-Weapons: Ak-47 , Pistol , Baseball Bat
-Armour: 40%

-Location: Comerce/LSPD
-Weapons: MP5 , Desert Eagle , Shotgun , unstick
-Armour: 70%

-Location: Ocean Docks/LS Airport
-Weapons: Parachute , Knife , M4 , mp5 , desert Eagle , Combat Shotgun , Sniper.
-Armour: 100%

-Location: Jefferson Hospital
-Weapons: Silenced Pistol , Shotgun
-Armour: None
-Abillity: Regenerate 5% Of health per Minute




/war - Teleports the Player to a War Zone with Custom Map.

Admin Ranks And Commands:

Moderator: /slap /kick /warn /spec /specoff
Administrator: /ban /get /goto /giveallcash /giveallscore /car
Manager: /setscore /music /unbanip /banip /announce /getall
Owner: /setlevel /cuff /uncuff /sethealth /setarmour

-Screenshots Being Re-Uploaded

New Features
-To Spawn As Army you will Need 500 Score due to OP Vehicles and Stuff.
-Players with +700 Score Can Steal/Use Vehicles from Army Base.
-Fixed All The Bugs

Download Link:
-For Who Want Full Package:
-For Who Want The Gamemode Only:

-MikeB for Scripting (It's Me)

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Default Re: Los Santos Gang Wars - V1.0

This is cool one! I like this

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Default Re: Los Santos Gang Wars - V1.0

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