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Default sampfw - | Dynamic player account data (loading & saving)

Dynamic Player Account Data

This library is part of the San Andreas Multiplayer Framework (sampfw) and serves two purposes: 1) implement a seamless and customizable account system and 2) allow dynamic binding of data to the player account.

The dynamic account data manipulation is similar to that of Slice's The download link for that include is no longer valid, so this could serve as a replacement.

Define any settings (see below) then include the files:
pawn Code:
#include <sampfw\extra\util>
#include <sampfw\account\account>
Note that must always be the first file included in the framework.

If defined, the user will be required to have a registered account (and be logged-in) to play

If defined, the user's password must be a minimum of this length (must use with SAMPFW_PASSWORD_MAX)

If defined, the user's password must be a maximum of this length (must use with SAMPFW_PASSWORD_MIN)

This is a global sampfw control. If defined, sampfw will use dialogs where internally implemented; in this case, to handle the user's registration/login.

This is a global sampfw control. If defined, sampfw will use commands where internally implemented; in this case, to handle the user's registration/login. Includes commands /register <password> and /login <password>

pawn Code:
bool: sampfw::IsPlayerLoggedIn(playerid)   
// Checks whether the player is currently logged-in to an account

pawn Code:
sampfw::AddAccountData(const name[BUD_MAX_COLUMN_NAME], BUD::e_COLUMN_TYPES: type, {Float, _}:...)
// Adds account data to dynamically save and load (Recommended to use in OnGameModeInit)
// See 'Dynamic Data Saving/Loading Example'

pawn Code:
public OnPlayerRegister(playerid)
// Called when a player registers an account

pawn Code:
public OnPlayerLogin(playerid)
// Called when a player logs in to their account

NOTE: When OnPlayerRegister is called, the players are automatically logged-in and OnPlayerLogin will NOT be called

pawn Code:
// controls

// sampfw Utilities (Always include AFTER global settings and BEFORE other sampfw files)
#include <sampfw\extra\util>
// sampfw settings ----------------------------------------------------

#define SAMPFW_PASSWORD_MIN         4
#define SAMPFW_PASSWORD_MAX         16

#include <sampfw\account\account>

At this point, with the current configuration, you have a fully working registration system that includes:
  • Dialogs for the player to register/login
  • Commands /register <password> and /login <password>
  • Players must be registered / logged-in to play
  • Player's password must be between 4 and 16 characters long

Dynamic Data Saving/Loading Example
A neat feature of this library is to automatically have player data loaded from the database when logging in, saving to the database when disconnecting, and automatically loaded to variables for your manipulation while in-game.

Each data piece you want to save needs a separate variable to store. Then, it needs to be added to the list of data to save via sampfw::AddAccountData.

sampfw::AddAccountData is as followed
pawn Code:
stock sampfw::AddAccountData(const name[BUD_MAX_COLUMN_NAME], BUD::e_COLUMN_TYPES: type, {Float, _}:...)
The database column name to store the data under
The "data-type" of the data to save (BUD::TYPE_NUMBER, BUD::TYPE_FLOAT, BUD::TYPE_STRING)
The variable to load/save the player data to/from.

In the below example, we'll save player's nickname, kills, deaths, health, and armor.
pawn Code:
    g_PlayerNick[MAX_PLAYER_NAME + 1],
    Float: g_PlayerHealth,
    Float: g_PlayerArmour;

public OnGameModeInit()
    sampfw::AddAccountData("nickname", BUD::TYPE_STRING, g_PlayerNick);
    sampfw::AddAccountData("kills", BUD::TYPE_NUMBER, g_PlayerKills);
    sampfw::AddAccountData("deaths", BUD::TYPE_NUMBER, g_PlayerDeaths);
    sampfw::AddAccountData("health", BUD::TYPE_FLOAT, g_PlayerHealth);
    sampfw::AddAccountData("armour", BUD::TYPE_FLOAT, g_PlayerArmour);
    return 1;

And that's it! The data will automatically be stored to the database for the player, and their data will automatically be loaded into those variables when logging in. You are free to manipulate the variables as usual and the data will save.
pawn Code:
public OnPlayerDeath(playerid, killerid, reason)
        return 1;

NOTE: The user's unique-ID, name, and password are already taken care of by BUD.

Dependencies (Currently)
This is a part of San Andreas Multiplayer Framework, and requires all of its dependencies. Check the GitHub for a list (docs/dependencies.txt).


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