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Big Clucker
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Default OnPlayerEditDynamicObject Problem ! Help

hello all , i have a problem with OnPlayerEditDynamicObject .

This is my code

PHP Code:
for(new i=1i<MAX_BMi++){
BC[i][bmOwner] == -1){
ii i;
GetPlayerPos(playeridpp[0], pp[1], pp[2]);
vw GetPlayerVirtualWorld(playerid);
int GetPlayerInterior(playerid);
BC[ii][bmObj] = CreateDynamicObject(1838pp[0],pp[1],pp[2], 0.00.00vw,int);
EditDynamicObject(playeridBC[ii][bmObj]); // HERE 
I used EditDynamicObject. And everything was fine until the Save button was pressed
I realized that it didn't run through OnPlayerEditDynamicObject

PHP Code:
if(response == EDIT_RESPONSE_FINAL)
iibit GetPVarInt(playerid"iibit");
BC[iibit][bmPos][0] = x;
BC[iibit][bmPos][1] = y;
BC[iibit][bmPos][2] = z;
BC[iibit][bmPosr][0] = rx;
BC[iibit][bmPosr][1] = ry;
BC[iibit][bmPosr][2] = rz;
printf("Read and save object"); // I don't see this line, which means it hasn't passed yet
saveb(iibit); // And it don't save

But , It did not run the printf line .

I thought it might be in the EditDynamicObject section. Because I tried and succeeded. But this time I didn't know what was wrong, thanks for your help

Sorry , My English Not Good .
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Default Re: OnPlayerEditDynamicObject Problem ! Help

Send whole OnPlayerEditDynamicObject function
Looking for someone to start drifting server, drop me a pm if you are interested.

Any PM's that include question about any kind of help will be ignored.
Use appropriate boards for that
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