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Default Peds and vehicles objects

I was mapping in the Map Construction, when suddenly I want to put the object accidentally put 1290 and 290 and I came the ped ID 290, then it adopted a position and everything and got the code.

At the time impressed me because then I realized that from the 300 to the 599 or so are vehicles, so I put the code in the GM to see if it would work or not.

Going IG, the object was like I was, but invisible, as he could step on it.

Is there any way to make it visible? because I have several systems in mind that, for example, one of corpses, instead of spending slots to create an NPC that would be a corpse, you could create an object with the same skin ped, plus it can be useful to an object vehicle.
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Default Re: Peds and vehicles objects

You cannot use vehicles and skins as objects.
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Default Re: Peds and vehicles objects

Vehicles and skins only have collisions when created as objects, nothing else.
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Default Re: Peds and vehicles objects

You were briefly able to use skin/vehicle IDs in the 0.3x RC stage. I made a topic about it and PMed Kye about it and he deleted the topic and never replied. The next RC had this ability removed. I guess that's his answer.
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