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Default Re: which is the maximum length of a string?

Originally Posted by rockys View Post
So how to do?
1 2 3 query with 230 variables or 230 query?
You have have 100 players you have 23000 queries on 5 minute
Or 100 queries on 5 minute
I think one is good
Just do one query per player. I'd suggest you do it across several multiple formats though, for the sake of your mental sanity.

Originally Posted by Banditul18 View Post
A better question is, do those variables are changing in same time? Or do they mean same thing? Because you can just update the variable only when it changes. I doubt a player admin level or player level changes so often or needs to be saved every so often
In order to know if something changed or not you'd probably need a second flag per every variable to see if they changed locally in the game or not, or to check against a select from the table. At best this isn't any better than just updating everything with a big query. At worst, this might actually be worse.

Updating a single row in a database is not an intensive task, even if you're updating 230 columns. Unsurprisingly, database engines are very good at database stuff, long as you have all your indexes done proper.
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