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Default Call of Duty: Global Warfare 3

What is our goal?
Global Warfare is a server which initially released in April of 2014 under the Advance Gaming community. The server for years maintained steady player base of 100-150 players, peeking at about 320. The server is now re-released under Mudoo Gaming community and in version 3. The goal of the server has always been and still is to provide a realistic yet entertaining warfare experience to the players. We do not want the server to be side-tracked by various minigames and things unfit for a warfare server. We want an authentic war style gameplay with features that support the atmosphere of warfare. Our maps are extensive and made to aesthetically support the idea of the war gameplay. We support those who wish to come and perform war roleplay, by creating an elite organized clan, or those who simply want to come and play competitively.

What are the features?
Below are some GIFs of some common features we offer. Not all features are provided in the GIFs. Some of the features which were not included are:

1. A clan system which is fully dynamic, you can create numerous ranks, name the ranks, level the ranks, and assign permissions for each rank. Permissions include being able to kick players from clan, invite, manage their rank, and so on.

2. A clan war system which is automated, you use a command to invite a rival clan for a clan war, you will be issued weapons and be spawned at the RC battlefield. A countdown occurs and you can begin your battle.

3. Extensive session stats tracking. Every time you log in and until you log out, all your statistics are saved. The amount of score, money, kills, deaths that you earned, every kill per each of the weapons, every time you use a special weapon (such as the nukes, or EMPs), and so on. All those statistics will be displayed on our panel.

4. Squad system, similar as a clan system, but any player can create a squad, and use some of the squad perks. Perks include to spawn with full armour, or to spawn with a special weapon, and so on. Squad is there to promote team coordination and team play.

5. Side missions, which are basically like achievements, you have about 30 side missions to complete, they are things like "kill x number of enemies with y weapon", "capture x zones", "use x special weapons", and so on. They are challenges that give you something to do other than the main game play.

6. Hourly missions, which are competitive missions as above, but hourly and motivate competition between players to complete them first.

And for the others, below are the GIFs:

Artillery Barrage
Artillery Barrage can be called in by any player whose team owns Anti-Air Destroyer ship. The barrage is called in by throwing a smoke grenade at the location you wish to be barraged.

Antennas are in every team's base. They are used to maintain radio communication online. If an antenna gets destroyed, the team is unable to use their radio.

Airstrikes can be called in by any player whose team owns Desert Airport. They will arrive in a few seconds and will blow up the area at which you called one.

Plane Bombs
Certain types of plane have certain types of bombs. Bigger planes have bigger bombs. The bombs are easily dropped by a click of a button.

C4 Explosives
C4 Explosives are purchasable in the armoury. You can plant multiple C4 explosives and detonate them one by one or all at once.

Mines are purchasable in the armoury. You can plant multiple mines. They automatically detonate as the enemy steps on it.

Care Package
When you're in danger and low on supplies, you can call in for a care package. A plane will come and drop one at your location. It will provide you with armour, ammo, all the essential equipment.

Drone System
Drones can be purchased in the armoury. There's three different types of drones. You can use them to scout out enemy controlled areas or use them to attack the enemy by shooting them from the drone or exploding the drone at them.

Headshot and Helmet System
A player can be headshot by any weapon. A helmet becomes your standard necessary equipment. If you have a helmet, you're safe from all the weapons except for a sniper. A sniper can break your helmet and kill you.

Clothing System
Clothing system allows you to customize your skin with additional items. You can create numerous clothing slots, and some can be based on a specific team.

Passenger System
Some vehicles do not allow passengers by default. Such as Hunter, Hydra, Rhino and so on. However, we have made you able to enter such vehicles as a passenger through custom scripted system. Simply type /getin and you will be a co-pilot of the hydra or a hunter pilot. Or /getin in a cargobob which can carry numerous people.

Weapon System
Weapons are dropped when a player is killed, or can be dropped manually by a player. You can pick them up by a click of a button.

Body System
The bodies of the dead players remain at the position for a few extra minutes. The bodies can be used by spy class to disguise in the dead player's team.

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