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Little Clucker
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Default I Can't Compile My Gamemode

I Can't Compile My Gamemode the compiler output show blank help
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Default Re: I Can't Compile My Gamemode

Is pawncc.exe blocked by the antivirus?
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Default Re: I Can't Compile My Gamemode

If compiler output is blank, it means part of your code has so many errors that it can even process.

pawn Code:
after each 10k lines. (first add it on 10000 line. if it compiles fine, put it on 20000 line and re-compile until it stops compiling again). Once you get which set is causing the error, (if adding #endinput at 30000 line, it means error is between 21-30k lines), reduce the line numbers between the set thats causing the problem. So if problem occurred after adding it on 30k line, add it to 25k, 24k, 23k, until it compiles again. Once you do this, you will get which part of code is having problem and you can debug those lines. Watch for missing brackets, incomplete strings etc...

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