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Default Unoccupied vehicle update

Can someone explain how Unoccupied vehicle update works and what is the criteria and rules for player updating certain vehicles? Anything that can help is welcome as im trying to detect some cheats and troll hacks using these.

I did some tests and i think that one criteria is that player must be the closest one to vehicle to update it (but im not sure as test was with only two players), and id like to be completely sure and avoid false positives.
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Default Re: Unoccupied vehicle update

Players can update unoccupied vehicles by pushing / moving them, and I guess maybe punching them(which would maybe be unlikely).

I can't seem to find what an unoccupied vehicle actually updates being documented anywhere, so I guess I can't really answer for sure.

As for OnUnoccupiedVehicleUpdate specifically here is what is documented on the wiki:


This callback is called very frequently per second per unoccupied vehicle. You should refrain from implementing intensive calculations or intensive file writing/reading operations in this callback.

This callback is called when a player updates the position of a vehicle they're not driving. This can happen outside of the vehicle or when the player is a passenger of a vehicle that has no driver.
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