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Default Is Player Alive

Hey guys! Is there anyway to check if a player is alive? In my current script when a player gets hit by a dildo, he gets put into spectate mode. He spectates the person with the dildo(AKA Slapper), so I'd want to know if it's possible to make a textdraw to say how much players are alive. I would appreciate any help!

TLR: Is there anyway to make a textdraw to say "Fappers alive: X". When a player gets hit by a dildo he spectates the Slapper. Thank you!
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Default Re: Is Player Alive

Option 1: use a custom foreach iterator to store alive players and then use Iter_Count. Option 2: do a manual loop over all the players and increment a counter if the state of the player is not "wasted" or "spectating".
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Default Re: Is Player Alive

PHP Code:
new Alive 0;

Alive++; // if you want to set player as alive when he joins
    else if(
// use Alive variable in textdraw ^^ 

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Default Re: Is Player Alive

Have a global variable, and when the player joins the event or spawns increase the variable by 1. When a player leaves the event or gets slapped, decrease the variable. Simple as that.
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