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Little Clucker
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Lightbulb [SHOEBILL] event-system

Event System v0.5d

This is a plugin for the Shoebill plugin for SAMP. So you can let it run with your PAWN and Shoebill gamemodes side by side. Moved from private development to public development after an half year. This was only a project on my own to learn how extern classes works and how to develop an extensible system. So this is not in any way a professional code but a beginning

(Original post:

Q: But what's the features??
A: There are a lot of different features.
I will name SOME of them:
  • This system is very extensible because of Java and the foundation of the system. It contains a class loader for different events (so you can easily add them).
  • More extensiblity because of the mission and map loader. They have the same construction like the event class loader, so you can easily with adding one line add your event, map or mission
  • For each event, this system contains a default foundation, so you can concentrate on your event and the decisions behind them. The basic structures are the same: You can start, stop, quit and prepare an event. You can invite players and you are able to handle automatic timers and features you can enable and disable.
  • There are already two events: TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town) and Catching. So you can easily start testing.
  • You can play on the whole world or on an area (custom maps)
  • There is a mission system, but there are no missions currently
  • So on there is a NPC system based on FCNPC, but there had been issues during I developed the event-system. Because of this, there are some little Bot implementations but in no way big things, just three Bot classes to test the system.
  • It's multilanguage with a completely written english and german translation (Year, my main language is german, i hope my english is not as bad as i believe ^^)
  • And some more features you need to explore !

Q: And what are the requirements?
A: You need:
  • Shoebill
  • Java 8 (JDK)
  • Root or local server to run the server and a jvm engine

I hope you have FUN with this!
And I hope that you give me YOUR feedback


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Default Re: [SHOEBILL] event-system

Cool, but I assume that systems are to be posted in the filterscript section. In this section we release plugins, not works made using these plugins, otherwise almost everyone could post his gamemode here because a lot of gamemodes use sscanf which is also a plugin.

In total, it honestly looks dope to see PAWN systems in Java.

Good job.
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