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Huge Clucker
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Default Text-draw help

I Am Trying To make a intro textdraw for my server but i am getting small error can u please help me.
here is my code
public OnGameModeInit()
new string[256];
format(string, sizeof(string),  "~b~BilluGang~w~Cops ~w~And ~w~Robbers~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~");
	Intro0 = TextDrawCreate(319.000000,119.000000, string);
	TextDrawAlignment(Intro0, 2);
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(Intro0, 0x00000055);
	TextDrawFont(Intro0, 3);
	TextDrawLetterSize(Intro0, 0.55, 2.00);
	TextDrawColor(Intro0, -1);
	TextDrawSetOutline(Intro0, 0);
	TextDrawSetProportional(Intro0, 1);
	TextDrawSetShadow(Intro0, 1);
	TextDrawUseBox(Intro0, 1);
	TextDrawBoxColor(Intro0, 255);
	TextDrawTextSize(Intro0, 620.000000,460.000000);
	Intro1 = TextDrawCreate(319.000000,135.000000, "~g~San Firreo~w~ - ~y~Cnr Version 1.1");
	TextDrawAlignment(Intro1, 2);
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(Intro1, 0x00000055);
	TextDrawFont(Intro1, 3);
	TextDrawLetterSize(Intro1, 0.55, 1.200000);
	TextDrawColor(Intro1, -1);
	TextDrawSetOutline(Intro1, 0);
	TextDrawSetProportional(Intro1, 1);
	TextDrawSetShadow(Intro1, 1);

	Intro2 = TextDrawCreate(319.000000, 223.000000, "- This Is ~r~NOT ~w~a Deathmatch Server.~n~- Do ~r~NOT ~w~Attack People For No Reason~n~Or You Will Be Kicked / Banned~n~- Respect Admins And Other Players~n~ ~n~- Type ~y~/help ~w~For Help And Game Information.~n~- Type ~y~/rules ~w~For Server Rules");
	TextDrawAlignment(Intro2, 2);
    TextDrawBackgroundColor(Intro2, 0x00000055);
	TextDrawFont(Intro2, 1);
	TextDrawLetterSize(Intro2, 0.449999, 1.200000);
	TextDrawColor(Intro2, -1);
	TextDrawSetOutline(Intro2, 0);
	TextDrawSetProportional(Intro2, 1);
	TextDrawSetShadow(Intro2, 1);

	format(string, sizeof(string), "");
	Intro4 = TextDrawCreate(315.000000, 344.000000, string);
	TextDrawAlignment(Intro4, 2);
	TextDrawBackgroundColor(Intro4, 0x00000077);
	TextDrawFont(Intro4, 3);
	TextDrawLetterSize(Intro4, 0.790000, 1.400000);
	TextDrawColor(Intro4, -1);
	TextDrawSetOutline(Intro4, 0);
	TextDrawSetProportional(Intro4, 1);
	TextDrawSetShadow(Intro4, 1);

My problem is that when i remove ~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~ from code my textraw looks like this given in picture do not cover the typed area background

And when i don't remove ~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~ from code my textdraw coves completely but in it's center a white like comes us.please help em to remover that white u can see in picture below there is a white line.
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Old 20/06/2016, 02:23 AM   #2
Huge Clucker
Join Date: May 2016
Location: India,UttarPradesh,Agra
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Default Re: Text-draw help

I have fixed it by adding ~l~ before ~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~~n~
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[KHK]Khalid's Avatar
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Default Re: Text-draw help

Yeah, or change font type since this occurs only with that font as far as I remember.
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