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Default Desktop Icon

I need someone to create a icon, I'm not so sure about the sizes, But it will be used for CrazyHL2 and uses the defualt Icon size, I guess it's using the power of 2.

Like 16x16 etc. If you know how feel free.

If you want to know what type of game it is it's Let's just say Crazy, Look at steam's Icon for eg. But more cooler :3

Thanks, Mrkrabz.

PS: if you need any more info please ask.

Oh and don't worry about converting to a .ico, I will do that.

For a targa image to be recognized as valid by Vtex, it must meet the following criteria:
It must be 24 or 32 bits/pixel in depth. (16 bits/pixel is not recognized.)
Its dimensions (height and width) must have a pixel size equal to a power of 2. (i.e. 2^4=16, 2^5=32, 2^6=64, 2^7=128, 2^8=256, 2^9=512, etc.)
Its dimensions can not be bigger than 2048 pixels.
The height and width doesn't need to be the same - 64x128, 256x512 works fine - but square images are preferred by the Source engine, so use them whenever possible, even when it doesn't seem like the best way to go.
RLE compression is optional, but should be avoided due to occasional conversion troubles.
Try and make the file a .tga
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