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Default Shoebill 1.1 - SA-MP Java Development Kit

We are looking for people that want to make Shoebill greater. If you interested in taking part of Shoebill's development, please contact me.

Join us on Slack!

Shoebill provides multiple ways to run your server. You can simply download our full server package for SA-MP 0.3.7 R2. In this package, everything you need is included (except java). We also provide a simple package, without the server executable, you might want to download this when you want to use a custom version of the SA-MP server. We also provide a wrapper for Mac OS X. You just need to simply double-click it, and shoebill will run on your Mac!
  • Full server package (0.3.7 R2): Download
  • Basic server package (compatible with 0.3.7 R2): Download
  • Mac wrapper (everything included, 0.3.7 R2): Download

Shoebill is a project, which allows you to write your filterscripts and gamemodes in Java. You have full-access to all
Java libraries and functions and even some more. Thanks to Shoebill's great inbuilt data about SA-MP and GTA:SA,
you won't have to search for vehicle or interior ids, because everything is built in, and also available at runtime.
Shoebill also provides a great way to handle Dialogs and many other utility functions.

  • Support the new features of Java 8
  • Object-Oriented
  • Event-Driven
  • Support Unicode/Codepage, client can have multiple encoding by setting codepage
  • Support Shoebill Plugin (Java) extension development
  • Provide service manager to support componentized development
  • Use slf4j as log interface, Use log4j as log implement
  • Use YAML as config and provide the appropriate tools
  • Provide launcher program to avoid BootStrap ClassLoader being polluted
  • Dependency Manager based on resources and libraries of Maven repository
  • Support SA-MP 0.3.7
  • Coexist with other Pawn-Gamemodes
  • Provide AMX interface

Shoebill is mainly lead by three people:
mk124: Started the Shoebill project and laid the foundation of the Shoebill you know today.
123marvin123: Joined in April 2014 the Shoebill project. Updated the Shoebill project since mk124 had no time anymore.
JingLin (inactive): Helped mk124 in the beginning.

June, 258921, Shindo, Yiyin, ba2001, hitman249, Meta, Joe Zhao, 52_PLA, Zito, Julian
And those who are always supporting and using Shoebill.

Shoebill is using the Java Native Interface to enable you to build your gamemodes in Java. No client modification
is need for shoebill to run or players to play on your java flavored server. Everything is server-side.

Shoebill provides a dependency manager which is based on the Maven stock, it allows the automatic updating
of snapshot versions of the API / Runtimes / Related dependencies.

There is also a updater for the native plugin and the dependency-manger & launcher. If you want to use these,
please execute update-shoebill.bat / and it will download the newest files.
Please make sure you update your resources.yml depending which files have been updated.

Introduction of projects:
ShoebillPlugin - Native plugin for sa-mp server
shoebill-launcher - Boot program
shoebill-dependency-manager - Dependency management based on Maven repository
shoebill-utilities - Misc. utility library (Internal use)
util-event - Event library developed for Shoebill
shoebill-api - Shoebill API interface
shoebill-runtime - Shoebill runtime library
shoebill-common - Common tool library
example-vehicle-manager-plugin - Example of Shoebill Plugin for developers
example-lvdm - Example of Shoebill Gamemode for developers

Introduction of the folder / file structure:
plugins/Shoebill.dll - SA-MP Native Plugin for Windows
plugins/Shoebill - SA-MP Native Plugin for Linux
gamemodes/Shoebill.amx - AMX entry for Shoebill
filterscripts/ShoebillFS.amx - Empty FS for solving the problem of malfunction of RCON commands
shoebill/bootstrap - Here are the jars located that are needed to start Shoebill
shoebill/repository - Here are the downloaded artifacts from dependency manager located
shoebill/libraries - Here you can paste custom libs that are not in maven repo
shoebill/gamemodes - Here you can paste your gamemode
shoebill/plugins - Here you can paste additional plugins to make your server more awesome
shoebill/shoebill.yml - Shoebill configuration file (with comments inside)
shoebill/resources.yml - In this file you can specify your gamemode, plugins and runtimes (with comments inside)
shoebill/jvm_options - The parameters for the JVM
shoebill/codepages.txt - A List of Windows codepages, which need to be used in Linux

Shoebill is being developed on GitHub: GitHub
Our CI Jenkins server can be found here (for manual jar download): Jenkins
Our Website can be found here: Shoebill
Our API-Documentation can be found here: Shoebill API-Documentation
Our Shoebill Common-API Documentation can be found here: Shoebill Common API-Doc

Watch our YouTube Instruction Videos:
Take a look at our development examples:
Look at our Wiki and use our project generator:

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