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Little Clucker
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Default Error 017 and 04. Undefined Symbol.

I use a script in-which uses multiple .pwns and then is compiled in a main file, however the admin sector is giving me the following errors in the compiler:

I have these all defined/forwarded in .pwn however the script was working before my previous additions to the file. I have added alot so it is quiet hard to find the issue. Any ideas?

forward adminOnPlayerConnect(playerid);
forward OnBanRetrieve(playerid);
forward ABroadcast(color, const msg[], EAdminFlags:level);
forward KickEx(playerid, reason[]);
forward BanPlayer(playerid, reason[], bannerid, bool:gpciban, expiretime);
forward adminOnPlayerLogin(playerid);
forward BanDeleteCallback(playerid, type, name[]);
forward AccountLookupCallback(playerid, name[]);
forward OnOfflineBanPlayer(playerid, name[],reason[]);
forward DelayedSpectate(playerid, target, targettype);

native gpci(playerid, const serial[], maxlen);
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Big Clucker
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Default Re: Error 017 and 04. Undefined Symbol.

I've been working with this script for a long time and I've had these problems before.
If it shows you 26 errors then you must've missed an opening/closing bracket.

Debug the code you've edited/added, remove parts, even replace old files with the new ones and see if it works then. If you need more help, PM me.
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