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Default Re: Fuel

Originally Posted by frouzen View Post
PHP Code:

PlayerInfo[playerid][Admin] < 2) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"{FF0000}[ADMIN] {FFFFFF}Nemas AdminLevel 2"); 
format(string,sizeof(string),"Administrator %s all vehicle fuel",PlayerName(playerid)); 
IsValidVehicle(i)) Benzin[i] = 100

Could be done better. For one, string doesn't need to be declared before admin level check, it also does not need to be 128 cells. The most you'll get from "Administrator all vehicle fuel" is 32 characters, add in MAX_PLAYER_NAME + 1, you have 57. If you want to be even, use 60 cells. Still better than 128. Also, make use of GetVehiclePoolSize if using 0.3.7. If you have 50 vehicles, you loop through 50. If you use MAX_VEHICLES, you loop through an additional 1950 not even being used. You can also count out vehicle 0, as vehicle indexes start from 1.

pawn Code:
CMD:tankovat(playerid, params[])
    if(PlayerInfo[playerid][Admin] < 2) return SendClientMessage(playerid,-1,"{FF0000}[ADMIN] {FFFFFF}Nemas AdminLevel 2");

   new string[60];
   format(string,sizeof(string),"Administrator %s all vehicle fuel",PlayerName(playerid));
   for(new i = 1; i < GetVehiclePoolSize();i++)
          If(IsValidVehicle(i)) Benzin[i] = 100;
    return 1;

It's things like this that are good habits to develop. They don't really slow down the scripting process but if these types of practices are used, they can make your gamemode neater to look at and also perform better, even if marginally.
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