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Default Why i get swedish IP(mysql problem) HELP + REP

Originally Posted by Kalcor View Post
This my site, so I get to decide what links are allowed. utube and 1e100 are no longer part of my web of trust.

The internet is more important to me than sa-mp. You don't get sa-mp without the internet.
Originally Posted by [Twixx] View Post
That's kind of hypocritical of you to say. Sure you own the website, but it's not your personal blog or something - it's a community driven forum. The community should be the primary focus, not your personal agendas. Just like you don't get SA-MP without internet, you don't get SA-MP forums without community.

Just wiping out years worth of people's work and creations posted on that board because a bunch of people bypassed your Tube ban is absurd.
Originally Posted by Mauzen View Post
"tube sucks cause they delete 6 years old videos for no reason!"

*deletes every single video ever posted here in 12 years*

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Default Re: Why i get swedish IP(mysql problem) HELP + REP

That's your real IP, nothing else. Note that your internal IP (the IP adress you use within your local area network) is different from your external IP (the one the rest of the world see). If you run that function on a local server your IP will show as
Please use the search feature before asking a question.
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