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Default h-House: Create a house anywhere, dynamic house creating!

* NOTE: This it's an big update from this!


Dynamic House Creating:

    An house can be created very easy with one single command: (/house)
    This system has an in-built saving system with Dini, thanks to DracoBlue.
    You can store cash if you're owner to specified house, and you can withdraw cash amount, anytime, if you're in house.
    This system it's havin' a stilish and user-friendly textdraw bar, who everybody can use it, even if you're newbie.
    You can simply upgrade your house's interior & price with command: /upgrade.
    This system have also (of course) some basic house commands. Commands can be found In-Game by writing in chat: /hcmds.
    If you don't like created house, then you can simply remove it by Textdraw bar, and DELETE textdraw.


pawn Code:
1. Download Solidfiles pack;
2. Unrar archive;
3. Put h-Houses.pwn & h-Houses.amx in your 'filterscripts' folder;
4. Create an 'Houses' folder in scriptfiles;
5. Enter in server.cfg and at 'filterscript' line put: 'h-Houses';
6. Exit from server.cfg and save;
7. Open your server;
8. Done! Use /House to start creating house, and use /hcmds to see all curently commands from script;

* NOTE: Also, you need some includes, wich can be found in solidfiles pack.

How to use?

This it's a very good question. After installing filterscript, you need to go In-Game. There, type F6 or T, and write: /House. A textdraw bar will appear down, there you can set your custom price & level. Press on 'Price' textdraw to set your custom price, and press on 'Level' textdraw to set your own level. Please, be sure PRICE can't be higher than: 999,999 $, and level, can't by higher than: 5, then your house cannot be created. After setting/editing, you have to press ESC, then press C to enter in Enabled mode. After you entered in Enabled mode, you need to press on LMB to create house's with price & level from textdraw bar. Pressing second time on C will put you in Pauzed mode, there you can edit price, level again. All house are saving in /scriptfiles/Houses/, so you won't lose any house, and every player can store safely cash in them houses.


- Pastebin;
- Solidfiles;
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