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Little Clucker
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Default MySQL returns wrong field?!

Hey guys, i got a problem with MySQL.

I have a stock which returns the password of a user and that works fine:
stock mysql_ReturnPasswort(Name[])
    new query[130], Get[130];
    mysql_real_escape_string(Name, Name);
    format(query, 128, "SELECT `passwort` FROM `accounts` WHERE `Name` = '%s'", Name);
    return Get;
But my problem is the stock which should return an Integer of a Field:

stock mysql_GetInt(Table[], Field[], Where[], Is[])
	new sqlint;
    new query[128];
    mysql_real_escape_string(Table, Table);
    mysql_real_escape_string(Field, Field);
    mysql_real_escape_string(Where, Where);
    mysql_real_escape_string(Is, Is);
    format(query, 128, "SELECT `%s` FROM `%s` WHERE `%s` = '%s'", Field, Table, Where, Is);
    sqlint = mysql_fetch_int(connection);
    return sqlint;
It gets called like this when a user login (for debugging):

printf("%s",mysql_GetInt("accounts", "Money", "Name", PlayerName(playerid)));

But in the log it just says "sqltest1" (thats a part from the password of the user, the full pw is "mysqltest1")

Why does it return a part of the password and not the integer from the right field?
Can someone help me? I use the mysql plugin by Strickenkid


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