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Default [HELP] I would like to make a decent sized island.

Now before you go OMG I HAVE U SOLVED I HAVE A LINK like an AFK island, no. I want just a plain old island, I can map interiors and some exteriors, but I don't know how I would go through with mapping a small island to fit one of the mansions on it and put a dock, the dock is simple. I just need help on how I would go through with this. My roleplay server will be launching in the next few weeks, I just want to add some uniqueness to it. I'm creating maybe 2-3 individual islands that rich players can buy, have a private dock for getting back to shore, and such.

I need these to be as flat as possible. If someone could please walk me through making an ordinary island, that'll be great.

I currently use MTA to create my maps, then convert them into SA:MP code like any other player. I don't know how I would go through with creating a chunk of physical land without making it out of haybales, etc.

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