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Skylar Paul
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Default Re-loading a file?

Well, I currently have two functions (Created by Leth4l)

pawn Code:
stock AddLabelsFromFile(LFileName[])
    if(!fexist(LFileName)) return 0;

    new File:LFile, Line[128], LabelInfo[128], Float:LX, Float:LY, Float:LZ, lTotal = 0;

    LFile = fopen(LFileName, io_read);
    while(fread(LFile, Line))
        if(Line[0] == '/' || isnull(Line)) continue;
        unformat(Line, "p<,>s[128]fff", LabelInfo,LX,LY,LZ);
        CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(LabelInfo, 0xFFFFFFFF, LX, LY, LZ, 100.0, INVALID_PLAYER_ID, INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, 0, -1, -1, -1, 100.0);
    return lTotal;

stock AddLabelToFile(LFileName[], LabelInfo[], Float:LX, Float:LY, Float:LZ)
    new File:LFile, Line[128];

    format(Line, sizeof(Line), "%s,%.2f,%.2f,%.2f\r\n",LabelInfo, LX, LY, LZ);
    LFile = fopen(LFileName, io_append);
    fwrite(LFile, Line);
    return 1;

Which are used in my dynamic 3DTextLabel system, which works perfectly; Now, i'm wondering if there's a way to make a reload command so it would destroy the pickups in the file, and then reload them.

Here's my add command:

pawn Code:
COMMAND:add(playerid, params[]) //Fixed by Frederick Wright - [url][/url]

    else if(strcmp(params, "3DTextLabel", true, 11) == 0) {
        strdel(params, 0, 11);

        if(sscanf(params, "s[128]", LabelDesc)) {
            UsageMessage(playerid, "Add 3DTextLabel", "[Text]", "Creates a permanent 3DTextLabel viewable by all players at your position.");
            return 1;
        if(PVar[playerid][AuthLvl] >= 3) {
            GetPlayerPos(playerid, YourPos[0], YourPos[1], YourPos[2]);
            AddLabelToFile(LABEL_FILE_NAME, LabelDesc, YourPos[0], YourPos[1], YourPos[2]);
            CreateDynamic3DTextLabel(LabelDesc, 0xFFFFFFFF, YourPos[0], YourPos[1], YourPos[2], 100.0, INVALID_PLAYER_ID, INVALID_VEHICLE_ID, 0, -1, -1, -1, 100.0);
            printf("[+] 3DTextLabel created at %f, %f, %f | Description: %s", YourPos[0], YourPos[1], YourPos[2], LabelDesc);
        else return AuthError(playerid, 3);
    else {
        UsageMessage(playerid, "Add", "[Parameters]", "MapIcon, Vehicle, Pickup, 3DTextLabel");
        return 1;
    return 1;
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Default Re: Re-loading a file?

Do you mean that you want to clear the file and start over or to destroy all active pickups and spawn them again based on what's in your pickups file?
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