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Thumbs up SA-MP 0.3x RC (now released)

SA-MP 0.3x RC

Note: 0.3x is now released. This thread will be archived.

A new version of SA-MP (0.3x) is on its way. We're making an RC/beta available to server scripters so you can preview the new features before release. If you've been following SA-MP releases for a while, you'll know that the (x) version means this will likely be the final release in the current (0.3) branch.


Client update SA-MP 0.3x R1

This is the release version installer of the SA-MP 0.3x client. It will be released on the SA-MP homepage later today.

- Based on feedback, changes that were made to GTA:SA's streaming memory during 0.3x RC2 have been removed. The SA-MP client will continue to use 128MB of streaming memory, as it has done since SA-MP 0.2.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3x RC3

Unless there are any show-stopper problems, this will be the final RC for SA-MP 0.3x.

- Final netcode tweaks before release.
- Fixes for Kick() function not always notifying player that they have been kicked.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC2-4

- Fixes "floating player attachments" problem. Player attachments would sometimes be seen floating, not connected to any player.
- The SA-MP nametag can now show the alt-tab/paused status of a player. Use the client command /nametagstatus to toggle this feature on/off.
- Some modified versions of hair and hat objects added.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC2-3

- More fixes for material changing on objects. There were still some lighting issues and backface culling problems.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC2-2-2

- Fixes several problems with changing object material colours, including lighting problems and crashes.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC2-2

- Certain objects were causing crashes when used with a large draw distance.

Client/Server update SA-MP 0.3x RC2

- The function EnableVehicleFriendlyFire() will enable the friendly fire option for team vehicles. Some servers require friendly fire for players, but not on team vehicles.
- Adds new player special action SPECIAL_ACTION_CARRY for a carrying item animation.
- In 0.3x, the final parameter of OnVehicleDeath (killerid) will be the player who reported the vehicle dead. This should be renamed at some point, although, in the interest of keeping the callback compatible with old scripts, the name won't be changed for 0.3x.
- Additional sanity checks added for vehicle death reporting.
- Should solve any remaining issues with objects disappearing with certain camera angles, if the objects are using a large draw distance.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC1-3-1

- Fixes some crashes caused by exploding vehicles.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC1-3

- There was an issue with certain objects disappearing in front of the camera. This should be fixed in RC1-3.
- If a server uses friendly fire via SA-MP's team system, team damage will no longer effect team vehicles.
- Car colours 128-255 have been replaced with some more exotic colours. Some colours in this range were previously usable, but most were the same colour. The entire colour set has been revamped.
- When using the EditObject() tool, the scale mode might accidently be activated, meaning you could not save.

Optional Client update SA-MP 0.3x RC1-2

- On certain video cards, vehicle model previews were being drawn with fog.
- Streaming memory was not always being freed when viewing player skin model previews.

Model previews:
A new 'TextDraw' font ID has been added that allows you to create 2D previews of models in the game. Servers can specify the rotation and zoom of a preview.

pawn Code:
TextDrawFont(playerid, txtSprite, TEXT_DRAW_FONT_MODEL_PREVIEW);
native TextDrawSetPreviewModel(Text:text, modelindex);
native TextDrawSetPreviewRot(Text:text, Float:fRotX, Float:fRotY, Float:fRotZ, Float:fZoom = 1.0);

Some examples of selection menus that could be created with model previews:

Example scripts for the above are included with the Windows server.

Extended draw distance for objects:

You can now set the draw distance on objects to any distance. This will allow for more seamless object streaming in custom areas.

Credit to Deadspirrit for the above island.

Note: The above feature is still experimental. If you have problems with certain objects using a large draw distance, it's recommended you lower the draw distance of the effected objects.


0.3x contains some important netcode changes, including general security updates that address potential Denial of Service attacks against servers.

- A low-level netcode problem has been addressed that will lower the number of packets that need to be sent from the client and server.
- The potential for a player to send a 0-length command has been addressed.
- Limitations have been placed on the player's ability to query server information like the scoreboard data.
- %x in format() will no longer interpret large integers as being signed.


0.3x R1 Client
SA-MP 0.3x R1 Client Installer

0.3x RC3 Client
SA-MP 0.3x RC3 Client Installer

0.3x RC3 Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC3 Windows Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC3 Linux Server

0.3x RC2 Client
SA-MP 0.3x RC2-4 Client Installer
SA-MP 0.3x RC2-3 Client Installer
SA-MP 0.3x RC2-2 Client Installer
SA-MP 0.3x RC2 Client Installer

0.3x RC2 Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC2 Windows Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC2 Linux Server

0.3x RC1 Client
SA-MP 0.3x RC1-3-1 Client Installer
SA-MP 0.3x RC1-2 Client Installer
SA-MP 0.3x RC1 Client Installer

0.3x RC1 Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC1 Windows Server
SA-MP 0.3x RC1 Linux Server

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Nice, can't wait!
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

OMG woot yay seriously Btw why 3x haha the time was of 3f haha
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

3x to not show the whole name, time to Convert my script :3
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Awesome, waiting for more ^^ .
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Discord: Cipher#7353

Server IP: Click me | Discord: Click me

You challenged us, What you want is what you get.
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

wow Finally it's here , waiting for it.
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

Very cool.
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Default Re: SA-MP 0.3x RC

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