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Default SA:MP Shoutcast

I made this for a server where i'm scripter at. I'm not sure if people use a shoutcast server here to have like a custom radio in their server. But I recommend it - It's fun, let people play as DJ by streaming songs to the shoutcast server, and people can request songs too.

(Streaming songs to the shoutcast server is possible with broadcasting software like Sam Broadcaster or Virtual DJ.)

Download and more info
As usual, Github covers this section.

You will need SAMPSON

I can't show preview much but here is an image of the "stats" rcon command from the demo pwn

Need host-tab ? Contact me on discord^

sO aCtIvE
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Default Re: SA:MP Shoutcast

Good job!
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Default Re: SA:MP Shoutcast

This one is great. Thanks
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Alex Magaņa
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Default Re: SA:MP Shoutcast

Great release useful for roleplay servers.!

SAMH: Prop Hunt server is coming soon!
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Ballu Miaa
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Default Re: SA:MP Shoutcast

Seems great to me Michael my friend, will test is oon. Good to see you still coding, I've been away.

I will take half payment as an advance to script for you.
Click here to request my Scripting Service.

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