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Thumbs up GTADM - The most awesome Freeroam server!

GTADM is the most unique Freeroam server, since 2012.

Server IP:
Hosted Tab: Yes

Some of GTADM Features:

Jobs: Cop, Medic, Hitman, Trucker Mechanic. Every job has it's own role e.g as a Cop you can arrest wanted players. As a medic you can heal players. As a trucker you can do many trucking missions. As a Mechanic you can repair any vehicles near you. Hitmans have their own special target missions. And many more things you can do while having a job in any of these classes /Job.

/DM - Deathmatch system
/Duel - 1v1
/LMS - Last Man Standing Minigame
/DD - Demolition Derby
/MTADM - Stunt races with top times
/Parkour - The most awesome parkour
/Race - Racing system
/Fallout - The Fallout Minigame!

Gangwars, captureable turfs (total 335 over all San Andreas), gang bases,ability to create your own gang (/gangcreate)! and invite players to your gang.

House & Property system - buy your own car at any car dealer shop, purchase properties to earn extra money.

Garage System like GTA V - update interiors, more car slots, etc

VIP System - we got a lot of satisfied Donators! (/VIP)
, ...
A lot of more features which would take too long to describe. Watch tutorial in-game to find out everything!

That didn't ignite your "appetit"? This might be the right solution!
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