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Little Clucker
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Default web anticheat in java

Hi, I am almost done with creating a web anticheat for samp using java.
Concept behind it is,
It checks the files in your GTA folder and confirms if your GTA directory is clean or not.
Any file other than gta sanandreas and samp client will be treated as culprit file.

There are too many hacks coming up. And this aimbot is messing around with TDM servers.
I need some info to finish my development.

Are there any available cheats which can be used without installing to GTA directory and how stable are they.

I am just wishing sa-mp to be hack free.

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Default Re: web anticheat in java

I can make a cheat that can inject into SA without even going near the game directory!
Yes I know my name has 3 dots.
Thanks for noticing, it was meant to signify a pause in the personal message asking to be named J0sh but they got included.
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Default Re: web anticheat in java

How do you plan to obfuscate your code? How are you going to work around spoofed directory listing? How are you sending this to the server and what kind of MITM mitigation is there?

Games will never be hack free, it's a game of cat and mouse.



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