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Little Clucker
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Default Re: Why people still use 0.3.7

No brainer for me really, there is only a quarter of 0.3.7's players using 0.3DL.
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Default Re: Why people still use 0.3.7

Originally Posted by Janichar35 View Post
Thats just ridicilious, nothing more to say. SA-MP did very big mistake with splitting SA-MP from half.. there are 2 versions right now one is 0.3.7 and other one is 0.3.DL. Since Kalcor decided to not release 0.3.DL officialy, random SA-MP players don't even know if this version exists or not ? So technically its like there is no 0.3.DL version and 0.3.7 is still the main SA-MP lmao so players who just discovered SA-MP download 0.3.7 version, and the ones who don't even bother to check up forums still stick with 0.3.7 version. Just release 0.3.DL from main page already and let everyone download it without accessing to forums dude.

As a SA-MP player who's still playing this game since 2007 its very sad to see SA-MP missed a very big fun feature cause of '' new kid generation '' who doesn't know about anything, and narrow minded back in months when we were heavily discussing between 0.3.7 and 0.3.DL there were players who were saying ''Meh custom skins/maps are unnecessary we like the SA-MP however it is'' its nothing more than stupidy. Sorry but I won't show respect to anyone who's defending this stupid idea, how could someone be against a dope idea like that ? lmao. Thats right, the ones who doesn't find 0.3.DL necessary are narrow minded people and they don't know anything about SA-MP, they don't even know what are the features of 0.3.DL.. I mean comeon lmao who wouldn't want to play with diffrent skins and diffrent maps ? You are just so old school people lmao.
youre mom narrow minded, its insecure i dont wanna be part of some botnet thanks but no thanks
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Huge Clucker
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Default Re: Why people still use 0.3.7

In my opinion, method of how this version is done, is a not funny joke. Players won't stream anything until after OnPlayerFinishedDownloading is called, if you want to set player world and put him in vehicle immediately, you have to make massive workaround, timers, checks, in one word: bullshit. I wanted to make original textdraws, so I gave a try to 0.3.DL version and I am disappointed. Back to 0.3.7.
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