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Default Dynamic Object Edit-Save-Load-Delete system.


First of all lets begin at the part you will need as hardst,

- Copy all the files inside this rar to the correct folders. (Basicly you can just copy the folders, 'filterscripts','pawno','plugins','scriptfiles' to your server root folder).
- Next thing you do is open your server.cfg and add or edit the line 'plugins' to 'plugins streamer'. If your server is running on a linux system usage 'plugins'.
- Also at the filterscript to your server.cfg if you always wan't to use it and load the objects your created automaticly when you start the server. Add or edit 'filterscripts editor' inside your server.cfg.
- Inside the editor.pwn you can modifly the DEF_MAX_OBJECTS to your own number. Default is 5000.

Good luck with it.

- /createobject
- /editobject - edit the object you last created
- /selectobject - edit any object you created with this system by selecting it.
After editing an object it will get saved into the database directly, so if your server crashes it got everything like it was.


- The streamer is created by Incognito ( so I don't take any credits on this include&plugin (not sure if I'm allowed to include the files inside the .rar but I think it doesn't harm anyone) .
- If you like the system be nice and comment at this thread.
- Do not release this system without asking me permission, if you do, I don't care lol.

This is a beta version, so there will be bugs I can call a few of them already.
- If you are already loading objects by Incognito streamer it isn't a problem untill you reach the max amount of objects defined in editor.pwn (default 5000).
- You can insert any numbers at the object model dialog, so an invalid model may harm your server process and the system process.
- When you create ungrabbable(if this is a word) objects you can't edit or remove those anymore (only in the objects.db file).
- If you put objects in virtualworlds or interiors, and you reload the filterscript, you have to be in the correct interior or virtualworld to edit this object again.

- I'm thinking how i can create a list with objects, without overloading your screen, because 5000 objects in one dialog doesn't end up good.

There will come newers version soon as possible.

In my next version (coming this week):
I will add:
- groups with max 100 objects (creategroup - loadgroup - unloadgroup - deletegroup) (this is easy if you want to use some objects sometimes for events or things.
- feature for displaying a list with all objects inside a group, so you can also delete objects inside other virtualworlds or ungrabbable objects.


Link 2

This filterscript is not for people with a very low level of pawn knowelge, be aware.

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