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Default Using nodes - Optimisation required. [ CESSIL MAYBE? ]

Hi, I use a GPS system and when it passes each node it calls a function to let me know.

So I clear all the arrows previously he has passed, but because I pass around 3 nodes in 1 second it runs this code 3 times an it just can't handle it.

I tried making it delete every 3 nodes it passes running the 1 loop instead of 3 loops. But it's still no good.

Do you recommend anything for this code?

Yes, I know the loop doesn't help it at all but it needs to loop to delete the arrow in the rode. Due to this calls loads in a space of 3 seconds, over 9 times in 3 seconds it lags destroying the object.

I can't destroy just that arrow he passes as the function is too slow in calling 3 times in 1 second and doesn't catch I've passed the nodes and recognizes it as 1 passed.
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