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Default Re: How do you name MySQL threaded queries?

There is no "safer" in parameters.

You use them when you want to pass data from one event to another.

You can get scenario of Client B receiving event A and event B, and Client A receiving A and B.
This all depends upon your code.

The callback is just an event, the callback just fires, it has no target player or anything else.
You can use it however you wish, if you don't pass playerid, then you won't know who the query belongs to.

The extra parameters are just so you could continue the flow with your previous data.
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Default Re: How do you name MySQL threaded queries?

@Meller, @Kaperstone: yes, that's what I was trying to say. Let's see if Y_Less clarifies this out.
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Default Re: How do you name MySQL threaded queries?

OK, a clarification. When you call "Callback_Get" (which is called within the mysql_inline_query function (or whatever it is called - you know what I mean)), it stores the address of the function and all the local variables at the current time. When the callback is invoked, all the locals are restored. If you create two queries, two copies of the locals are stored. This copy of the locals is called a "closure".

The two are totally separate. You could make many queries in a loop, and when each one was called the loop variable would be whatever it was at query time. So 10 queries in a loop, 10 different future values of "i".

This is also why "Callback_Release" is required (but again, I think that is handled internally in the mysql include), to free up the memory used by the closure.
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