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Default [0.3.DL] Los SAntos Cop Chase


Los Santos Cop Chase is a server for SAMP running on the version 0.3.7-DL. The server has been running with a stable player base since 2018 and is still running to this day. Right now the server is keeping a stable playerbase of 10-30 players online daily.


The gamemode is "Cop Chase". Here's a brief explanation:
A certain amount of players gets picked to be fugitives each round while the rest are set to be the cops and a random map will be picked - maps are all over San Andreas for players to evade on. The goal for fugitives is to either evade the cops long enough for them to escape, or to murder all the cops to win.
Cops' goal is to either arrest the fugitives if they do not shoot, and if they do, you must neutralize them with lethal force.

There are also certain special events like Bank Robbery, and Prison Break, and many more are going to be implemented. Speaking of implementations, the gamemode is being updated regularly with new features & bug fixes which will only improve the experience.


The staff of Los Santos Cop Chase will always hop in to help you whenever you need it - we are online 24/7!



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