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Little Clucker
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Default 3D array into a dialog message


I'm trying to insert a three-dimensional array into a dialog box. The code I have just outputs the standard error message whenever I try to type the command in-game. Not getting any compiler errors.

pawn Code:
CMD:teams(playerid, params[])
    new arenas[12][2][128] =
        {"Dust 2", "Teaming permitted"},
        {"Jefferson Motel", "Teaming permitted"},
        {"Liberty City", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"LVPD", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"Madd Dogg's Mansion", "Teaming permitted"},
        {"Meat Factory", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"Pleasure Domes", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"RC Battle Ground", "Teaming permitted"},
        {"Tennis Court", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"The Farm", "Teaming forbidden"},
        {"The Sewers", "Teaming permitted"},
        {"Western Town", "Teaming permitted"}

    new string[512];

    for (new i=0; i < sizeof(arenas); i++)
        for (new j=0; j < sizeof(arenas); j++)
            strcat(string, sprintf("%s\t%s\n", arenas[i][j], arenas[i][j], sizeof(string)));

    Dialog_Show(playerid, ArenasList, DIALOG_STYLE_MSGBOX, "Arena Teaming Rules", string, "OK", "OK");
    return 1;

I'm new, and I understand that you're probably cringing reading my code right now. I really appreciate your help regardless. Cheers!

Just to clarify, I want the array to be inserted into the dialog box so it outputs the contents of the array into the box.
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Little Clucker
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Default Re: 3D array into a dialog message

In this case you don't need a second loop, it's enough:
PHP Code:
for (new 0sizeof(arenas); i++){
format(stringsizeof string"%s%s\t%s\n"stringarenas[i][0], arenas[i][1]);

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Default Re: 3D array into a dialog message

do you use that array somewhere else?, in your example you could put the text (with the correct formation) directly into Dialog_Show
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